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Editor's Note 总编辑的话

  • Singapore — Every Child Who Drops Out is One Too Many

EduNation on Education《新学》关心教育

Cover Story 专题报道
  • No One Left Behind

  • Just Because A Child Did Not Start Well, It Does Not Mean That He Cannot End Well
    — An Exclusive Interview with Mrs Chua Yen Ching, Director for Curriculum Planning and Development, MOE
    — 专访教育部课程规划与发展司司长林艳卿
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • NorthLight School — Giving Less Academically Inclined Students Hope
    — 专访北烁学校校长陈绍健
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • Assumption Pathway School — Multiple Pathways for Hands-on Training
    齐齐动手 一同追梦
    — 专访圣升明径学校校长王祚隽
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • Every Crestan Matters Because Every Crestan Can Learn and Succeed
    — 专访裕峰中学校长杨国平
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • Spectra Secondary School — Engaging Students, Developing Confident Individuals
    乐趣学习 活出自信
    — 专访云锦中学校长克里斯南
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • City College — Touching and Transforming Lives
    — 专访新启学院院长高财顺
  • Letting Broken-Winged Angels Fly Again
    An Exclusive Interview with Dr Yang Changhong, Principal of the Guiyang Xingzhi Technical and Vocational School in China
    — 专访中国贵阳行知科技职业学校校长杨昌洪

  • Underperformer to Outperformer
    An Exclusive Interview with Mr Goh Boon Poh, Principal of Heng Ee High School in Penang, Malaysia
    — 专访马来西亚槟城恒毅中学校长吴文宝
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)
  • Establishing the World’s Biggest Autism-focused School
    An Exclusive Interview with Ms Denise Phua, President of the Autism Resource Centre and Supervisor of Eden School and Pathlight School
    — 专访新加坡自闭症资源中心主席兼新光学校和忆恩学校总监潘丽萍

  • PALS — A Bridge Back to School for Children with Cancer
    — 专访好友学助中心(PALS)

Organisations 焦点团体

Inspiring Lives 奋斗一生

  • Super Group — Taking the Instant Food and Beverage Industry by Storm
    无才可用 无德不可用
    — 专访超级集团主席张骐牧

Quotes 教育名言

  • Emma Goldman and Herbert Spencer

Special Report 特别报道
  • A Dialogue Between two Chinese Nobel Laureates — CN Yang and Mo Yan
    — 杨振宁与莫言在北京大学的对话

  • A Devoted, Bargain-Price, All-Round Educator
    — An Exclusive Interview with a Chinese Teacher from Chung Hwa Tenom Secondary School in Sabah, Malaysia
    — 专访马来西亚沙巴丹南中华中学华文教师杨燕琼
Opinion 观点

  • Letters to My Children

  • Perspective on Russia — A Look at the Unified State Exam Contents Leak Incident

  • Creative Ways to Help Kids Learn

In the Classroom 新学课堂

  • Strengthening Teachers’ Professional Development is the First Step Towards Becoming a Good School

  • You Need Quite a Talent to Count the Uncountable
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