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SINGAPORE MATHS — A Coherent Structure, An Eclectic Approach
Dr Lee Ngan Hoe is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Head (Mathematics Education – Teaching) in the Mathematics & Mathematics Education Academic Group at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. > more

Selected Articles
A Master Plan for the Early Childhood Education Sector
At the National Day Rally in August last year, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong stressed the importance of early childhood education...


Issue 4, Jul-Aug, 2013

A Long Road Ahead for Singapore’s Early Childhood Education
At the centre of this explosive news is the Lien Foundation, a Singapore-based philanthropic organisation.


Issue 4, Jul-Aug, 2013

Singapore American School
— Changing for the 21st Century

Nearly a year into his stint as the 12th Superintendent of the Singapore American School (SAS), Dr Chip Kimball speaks enthusiastically about his mission for change.


Issue 3, May-Jun, 2013

SJI International High School
— Not Just a School for the Rich

St Joseph's Institution International High School wants to open its doors not only to the rich but to those who have potential, and each student will benefit from a child-centred education.


Issue 3, May-Jun, 2013

SJI International Elementary School
— Focusing on Values and Virtues

At St Joseph’s Institution International Elementary School, the belief is that if you start with inculcating the right values and virtues, academic growth will follow.


Issue 3, May-Jun, 2013

United World College of South East Asia
— Empowering Young People to Change the World

If there is one thing that distinguishes students from the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) it is that they have the confidence that they are able to change the world for the better.


Issue 3, May-Jun, 2013

Anglo-Chinese School (International) Singapore — A Local and International Mix
If education can be perceived as an extension of a lifestyle, Principal of Anglo-Chinese School (International) Singapore Mr Kerr Fulton-Peebles’ opinion is that the pace of life in Singapore appears to be “frenetic and restless”.


Issue 3, May-Jun, 2013

The Significance of Setting Up
International Schools in Singapore

International schools in Singapore come under the purview of the Economic Development Board (EDB) instead of the Ministry of Education (MOE).


Issue 2, Mar-Apr, 2013

Singapore Management University — Market-driven Opportunities in the Heart of the City
It is not only its unique location which sets the Singapore Management University (SMU) apart. Its President, Professor Arnoud De Meyer, describes how SMU's flexibility, close industry links and applicable research create broad-based, creative and entrepreneurial leaders.

洞察先机才能创建优势 — 专访新加坡管理大学校长迪枚晔教授

Issue 2, Mar-Apr, 2013

Singapore University of Technology and Design — Preparing New Age Engineers Q not Q
The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), established in collaboration with the world renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Zhejiang University, offers a unique focus on technology and design. SUTD President, Professor Thomas Magnanti talks about its first batch of students, their unique learning experience and how SUTD will be developing in the years to come.

重质不重量 — 专访新加坡科技设计大学校长马尼安蒂教授

Issue 2, Mar-Apr, 2013

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