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SINGAPORE MATHS — A Coherent Structure, An Eclectic Approach
Dr Lee Ngan Hoe is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Head (Mathematics Education – Teaching) in the Mathematics & Mathematics Education Academic Group at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. > more

Selected Articles
SIM University — Flexible Full and Part Time Programmes for Working Adults
Singapore's only privately-funded university, SIM University (UniSIM), boasts a flexible industry-focused higher education programme catering to working adults. Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President of UniSIM, talks about the fulltime undergraduate programme it is about to roll out, and how the UniSIM approach will better prepare its graduates for the workplace.

工读模式发展灵活全日制课程 — 专访新跃大学校长张起杰教授

Issue 2, Mar-Apr, 2013

Singapore Institute of Technology — Arming Polytechnic Graduates with University Degrees
Although polytechnic students can already offer a lot to the workplace, Professor Tan Thiam Soon, President of the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), is convinced that an SIT experience, which combines both work and study, will further develop these students into valuable workers with a lifelong learning mindset.

灌注"SIT基因" — 专访新加坡科技学院校长陈添顺教授

Issue 2, Mar-Apr, 2013

World-class Advice for a New University Education System
In 1997, Singapore set up the International Academic Advisory Panel (IAAP). Its members included renowned academics and the Presidents of several top universities from Europe, America and Japan.


Issue 2, Mar-Apr, 2013

Different Universities Providing Different Pathways to the Future — Exclusive Interview with DPM Tharman
Mr Tharman spoke about Singapore in an age of a changing global environment and technologies, and the range of university models that will be needed to meet the challenges of such a shifting landscape.

设立多元化的大学迎接不可预见的未来 — 专访新加坡副总理尚达曼
学生的人生观和能力各异,社会有各方不同需求, 10年后的世界不知变化成什么样子。

Issue 2, Mar-Apr, 2013

The Southern Wind is Auspicious, the Tripod in the Tropics is Rising-Malaysia's Southern College Upgraded to University College Status
On August 16th last year, Southern College (SC) in Johor, Malaysia, received the letter of approval it had been waiting for.

"南风畅,夏鼎兴" — 马来西亚南方学院升格大学学院

Issue 2, Mar-Apr, 2013

National University of Singapore — A Global University in Asia
Standing on strong foundations and led by a progressive management team, the National University of Singapore (NUS) is in a prime position to harness the global attention that is shifting to this region. EduNation talks to NUS President, Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, to learn more about NUS' innovative approaches in becoming a top university.

古老的大学充满青春活力 — 专访新加坡国立大学校长陈祝全教授

Issue 2, Mar-Apr, 2013

Nanyang Technological University — A Transformed Curriculum and Campus
The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) wants to produce a different type of graduate to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Its President, Professor Bertil Andersson, tells us how this is translating into new courses and learning methods, as well as major infrastructural upgrades for the school.

南大进行 "文化改革" — 专访南洋理工大学校长安博迪教授

Issue 2, Mar-Apr, 2013

School of Science and Technology
Principal Mr Chua Chor Huat shares how SST aims to produce students well-versed in the sciences and technology through applied learning.

手脑并用   从应用中学习:专访新加坡科技中学校长蔡初发

Issue 1, Jan-Feb, 2013

Singapore Sports School
Principal Mrs Deborah Tan tells us about how SSP helps its student-athletes achieve both academic and sporting excellence.

培养运动和学业兼备的国家选手: 专访新加坡体育学校校长区美伦

Issue 1, Jan-Feb, 2013

All-inclusive: Singapore's Specialised Independent Schools
Human capital is the only resource in Singapore. If the streaming system was necessary for the industrial-basedeconomy in the 20th century in order to nurture people in the most effective and efficient ways possible...


Issue 1, Jan-Feb, 2013

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