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Editor’s Note 总编辑的话

Cover Story 专题报道

  • SEED Institute — Training More and Better Pre-school Teachers
    严格培训幼教师资 — 专访新苗师范学院院长何燕芳
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • PAP Community Foundation — Raising Standards to Serve the Community Better
    推行中央管理制度,全面提升中心水平 — 专访人民行动党社区基金会学前教育管理部区基金会学前教育管理部-高级总监陈丽玉

  • EtonHouse Mountbatten 718 — Inquire, Think, Learn
    重视环境教学的幼儿园 — 专访伊顿国际幼儿园创办人胡锦珠及校长纽曼
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • MindChamps PreSchool — Nurturing Champions Worldwide
    冠军思维是尽自己所能做最好的自己 — 专访MindChamps创办人詹富安
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • Move that Body and Unlock the Mind Looking at New Possibilities in Overcoming Learning Disabilities
    要多动才能学好 — 专访幼儿特殊教育专家徐碧琪

Schools 学校

Inspiring Lives 奋斗一生

  • From Beginner Bowler to National Champion in 18 Days

  • You Have To Give Before You Can Receive
    吃亏当修行,先舍才有得 — 专访舍得好汉张仰兴
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

Special Report 特别报道

  • Using the PIC Scheme to Increase Productivity
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