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Reader's View 读者来函

Editor's Note 总编辑的话

Cover Story 专题报道
  • It Takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • Shaping SMU to be an Agent of Change
    — 专访新加坡管理大学董事主席何光平
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan — Reaching New Heights in Education and Culture
    兴学为善 弘扬文化 福建会馆要更上层楼
    — 专访福建会馆属下六校董事部董事长蔡天宝
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • Dunman High School — Working in Partnership for a School that is “Home”
    — 专访德明政府中学咨询委员会主席魏成辉、校长符传丰博士及校友会主席张克荣
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • Hwa Chong Institution
    — Keeping the Hwa Chong Spirit Alive
    — 专访华侨中学董事长李喜隆
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • Keeping the Nanyang Legacy Alive
    传承校风 延续传统
    — 专访南洋三校荣誉董事主席黄美云及主席王秀芳

  • The Effects of $500,000
    — 专访宏文学校董事长黄金春
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

  • Any Generation That Misses Out On Education Will Naturally Suffer From Poverty
    Singapore Buddhist Lodge Distributes $14 Million in Educational Bursaries Over 34 Years
    — 专访新加坡佛教居士林林长李木源
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

Quotes 教育名言

  • The Analects, Confucius
    《论语 • 为政》

Special Report 特别报道

Schools 学校

In the Classroom 新学课堂

  • Misconceptions in Primary Level Science — Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion
    小学科学的一些错误概念 — 力和牛顿定律

  • Where There’s a Will There’s a Way


Inspiring Lives 奋斗一生

Organisations 焦点团体

Opinion 观点

  • Inspiration from My Children — Finding the Courage to be a Happy Mother

  • US vs. Singapore — 3 Factors to Consider in Choosing Your Future College

  • The Story of Eight Persimmon Trees

  • The Meaning Behind A Child’s Birthday Celebration
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