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Cover Story

  • Science Demonstration Lab: Introducing Interactive Demonstrations in Science Teaching
  • Professor Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1997
  • Professor Anthony Leggett, Nobel Prize in Physics, 2003
  • Professor Roy Glauber, Nobel Prize in Physics, 2005
  • Professor Martin Lee Chalfie, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2008
  • Professor Serge Haroche, Nobel Prize in Physics, 2012


  • Topological Insulator — Professor Zhang Shoucheng
  • Primordial Gravitational Waves — Professor Kuo Chao-Lin
  • Cryptology — Jed Kaniewski
  • Pursuing Passion in Physics for HCI students — The CERN Beamline Competition 2014
  • The Clean Tech Challenge on a Global Stage
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