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  • Singapore as Sparthenia

  • Students and their BMWs

  • EduNation — Moving with the Times

Editor's Note 总编辑的话

EduNation on Education《新学》关心教育

Cover Story 专题报道

  • The Significance of Setting Up International Schools in Singapore
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

    • Anglo-Chinese School (International) Singapore — A Local and International Mix
      本土化与全球化的混合体:“本地国际学校” — 专访英华国际学校校长富尔顿-皮布尔斯

    • Hwa Chong International School — Expanding into Primary Education to Lengthen Its Educational Pathway
      计划设立小学部 延长教育跑道 — 专访华中国际学校校长许进源

    • SJI International High School — Not Just a School for the Rich
      不要成为有钱人的学校 — 专访圣若瑟国际学校主席范格里根和中学部校长罗伯茨
      (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

    • SJI International Elementary School — Focusing on Values and Virtues
      重视品德教育的国际小学 — 专访圣若瑟国际小学校长格兰特
      (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

    • Dulwich College (Singapore) — In Pursuit of Academic Excellence and Dual Language Mastery
      追求学术卓越 强调双语并进 — 专访新加坡德威英国国际学校校长马格思

    • Eton House International School — An Inquiry-based Approach to Education
      从小要发问 — 专访新加坡伊顿国际小学校长凯利

    • ISS International School — First International School Established by a Singaporean
      新加坡人办的第一所国际学校 — 专访ISS国际学校校长阿尔瓦雷斯博士及学校创办人陈志成夫妇

    • Singapore American School — Changing for the 21st Century
      培育21世纪世界领袖的国际学校 — 专访新加坡美国学校校监金博尔博士和高中部校长斯图亚特博士
      (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

    • United World College of South East Asia — Empowering Young People to Change the World
      赋予孩子改变世界的学习机会 — 专访东南亚联合世界学院杜佛校园校长坎恩斯

    • United World College of South East Asia — Empowering Young People to Change the World
      赋予孩子改变世界的学习机会 — 专访东南亚联合世界学院杜佛校园校长坎恩斯

Opinion 观点

  • Failure Is Part of the Job Description

  • School Ranking: What Does It Really Mean?

  • Dream Your Own Dream

Quotes 教育名言

  • Metaphysics, Aristotle

  • Inspiring Lives

  • Charitable Work Has No limits
    行善不设限,只有感恩再感恩 — 专访罗敏娜基金会主席卓顺发

Special Report 特别报道

  • Developing Educational Intiatives and Research Possiblities to Actualise the Chinese Dream

  • The University of Macau—Doing the Unthinkable
    (Full text available 全文开放浏览)

In the Classroom 新学课堂

  • Misconceptions in Primary Level Science — Rate of Photosynthesis
    小学科学的一些错误概念 — 光合作用

  • Agreeing is Sometimes the Hardest Thing to Do
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