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家长为孩子做好榜样 — 专访圣尼各拉家长会
One Heart, One Mind, One School — Parents@StNick's
By Eunice Chow
Photos courtesy of Parents@StNick’s
Published: EduNation, Issue 2, Mar-Apr 2013
Parent volunteers of CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School not only give their time for their child, they also share a common passion for the school and its values.

When EduNation visited CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School (SNGS) to interview the parent volunteers, we were impressed by the passion behind their efforts: at a games carnival for the primary school students, every Parent Support Group (PSG) member was there to help and they had also managed to secure sponsorships for the game stalls.

SNGS Principal, Mrs Tan Wai Lan, underlined the commitment of Parents@StNick's which was formed in 2003. "When they look for new volunteers every year, one of their key criteria would be that the parents are here not for their own good, but for the whole school's. That speaks volumes, and is actually a major ingredient in having a good PSG."

Parental Contributions

Parents@StNick's is an active, dedicated and hands-on group which boasts 35 executive committee members.

A typical member will chaperone pupils on learning journeys, help with traffic control every morning when parents arrive in droves to drop their daughters off at school, and become involved with any and all fundraising.

The most recent of such events, Dance-A-Thon, which was held in conjunction with the 2012 National Day celebrations, raised $200,000.

"Before we started organising the A-Thon events, we staged funfairs in 2006 and 2008 to raise funds for the school. The biggest funfair was Fiesta in 2008 where we raised about $800,000," said Mrs Florence Wong, a member of Parents@StNick's and SNGS alumna. "And we put all the money we raised towards the PRIME (Programme for Rebuilding and IMproving Existing schools) project."

On their own initiative, Parents@StNick's also creates a personalised souvenir for every girl in each graduating class. In 2012, this took the form of a tabletop photo album with pictures and well-wishes from the students' teachers. >> More

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焦点团体 > 家长为孩子做好榜样 — 专访圣尼各拉家长会
家长为孩子做好榜样 — 专访圣尼各拉家长会
刊载:《新学》, 第2期,2013年3月-4月







受访的家长,有三名校友:刘玉莲、刘妙甜和洪玮俐。其中,刘妙甜有两个女儿,参加家长会之前已经参加校友会。谈到校友会与家长会的不同,她说:"校友会的服务对象是母校。家长会的责任则是为孩子与学校通力合作,学校好,就是孩子好。在这样的关系之上,又有对母校的感情,更觉得亲切。" >> 更多


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